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Funding CEJA's Equity Provisions

When the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA) passed last fall, we had great hope that it would accelerate a transition to 100% renewable energy and create equity in the workforce being trained for the new green economy. But the funding for these workforce programs is at risk in the last days of the Session in Springfield. 

CEJA is a comprehensive and complex bill filled with technical language. Utilities were directed in the bill to raise $180 million to fund the equity programs that impact people all over Illinois. Those programs include workforce training, contractor development, and support for transitioning fossil fuel communities. CEJA requires a two-word edit to assure that the utilities can raise the full $180 million that was negotiated and that is necessary to support the programs established in CEJA. SB3866 provides this language fix.  


Fossil fuel interests are attempting to undermine our work and decrease funding for the CEJA section requiring equitable jobs. Please tell your Representative that you want Illinoisans to be able to harness the potential of the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act by filling out the form below.