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Fighting for a Fair Tax in Illinois will allow for billions of dollars to be allocated to Illinois schools, community services, health care, and more.

What is the fair tax amendment?

For too long, our tax system in Illinois has benefited the wealthy while putting a strain on the lower and middle class. The Fair Tax Amendment would eliminate the requirement that Illinois tax income at a single rate, allowing instead for higher rates for higher incomes and lower rates for people with low and moderate incomes. Our current tax system is inequitable and outdated, and a change needs to happen.


Why we need tax reform in illinois Now!

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Illinois is currently one of fifteen states that still doesn’t have a progressive tax structure. This way of taxing takes a heavy toll on the middle and working class, who pay twice as much on their taxes than the wealthy. It also causes budget deficits that lead to cuts on schools, public services, and more. These budget deficits hit communities of color first and hardest. 

By Voting Yes on Fair Tax, We Can Fund Services That Communities Need Most! 

Voting Yes on Fair Tax this November would allocate $3 billion to community services such as education, health care, and community services. 97 percent of people will see their tax rates decrease or stay the same! Voting yes will better all communities in our state, especially communities of color who often are disinvested in by the state.