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Wisconsin's Legislative Session Update: Navigating the Politics of Hope

Members of our WI Policy Team stand outside of the Washington, D.C. Capitol Building after joining climate advocates and organizers from across the country to encourage elected officials to take bold climate action.

As we approach the midpoint of Wisconsin's 2023-2024 Legislative Session, we want to provide an update on the status of the environmental-related bills we’ve been closely monitoring this session.

It has been a lively six months since Gov. Tony Evers and other constitutional officers were inaugurated. We have seen significant activity at the state capitol, and we at the Faith in Place Action Fund are encouraged by the increasing momentum and support for both local and national environmental policy.

Here’s an update on the bills we’ve been following this session

Senate Bill 46

We’re grateful for the voices who have stood up against SB 46, a bill that would have removed the requirement for property owners to clean hazardous substances and pollution on their property. The bill has seen substantial opposition and is currently stalled in the Senate. We urge you to continue speaking up against this legislation that could significantly harm our environment.

Senate Bill 52

On a more positive note, SB 52, designed to prevent salt pollution, has gained bipartisan support. The bill’s innovative deicer certification program, aiming to train commercial applicators in best management practices for snow and ice removal, appears to be gaining some traction. Although it’s still under review, we’re hopeful for its passage in the upcoming weeks. If successful, this will significantly protect our ecosystems from the harmful impacts of excessive salt use.

Senate Bill 58

Finally, SB 58, which seeks to support Wisconsinites facing nitrate contamination by improving eligibility requirements under the state’s Well Compensation Grant Program, has passed through the senate and is now moving to the assembly. This progress reflects the state’s commitment to ensuring access to clean and safe water, a mission we’re deeply invested in.

Your continued advocacy and support is integral to the outcome of these bills. This year has shown that progress is possible when we unite for the sake of the environment and our communities. However, there is still much more work to be done. We urge you to continue supporting and advocating for just environmental policies that will shape the future of Wisconsin.

If you’d like to get more involved with our work, we are still seeking volunteers for Faith in Place Action Fund’s Climate Action Campaign in Wisconsin. We need your help to inspire a grassroots network throughout the state to continue encouraging our elected officials to build healthier, more sustainable communities that respect and preserve our environment and ensure a brighter, greener future for all Wisconsinites.

Make sure you’re signed up for our Action Alerts to receive further updates as the legislative session continues!

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