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Assata's Daughters

A Chicago-based Black-led organization that provides mentorship, resources, and opportunity for young Black women, femmes, and gender nonconforming people.  


Since COVID-19 and George Floyd protests, they've been coordinating supply drives and check-ins with community members. They’ve been campaigning to keep police officers out of schools and to end the school-to-prison pipeline.

Let Us Breathe Collective

An alliance of artists and organizers doing work around Chicago to pursue a world without police. They operate out of a space called The Breathing Room located on the South Side, where community gathers to organize and heal. 

The collective has be a part of countless protests and has worked to provide food and shelter for folks living on the South Side. 

Chicago Equity and Transformation

Chicago Equity and Transformation (EAT) was founded by formerly incarcerated Black folks and works to shape economic and social equity aimed to protect Black Chicago gig-workers.


EAT is now leading a campaign for reparations as well as organizing protests across Chicago to demand justice for George Floyd and countless other Black lives who have been lost to police violence. 

My Block, My Hood, My City

This organization works with youth in under-resourced neighborhoods gain access to different amenities that they wouldn't otherwise have access to. Their programs allow youth to explore different neighborhoods, be a part of STEM programs, volunteering and civic engagement. 

They have been handing out masks and gloves to seniors and leading a campaign that empowers youth to make a difference in their communities. They have also been a part of marches and feeding families on the South Side. 

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Brave Space Alliance

Brave Space Alliance (BSA) is a Black trans-led organization based out of Hyde Park that provides a space for queer folks in the South and West sides of Chicago to access programming and resources.

BSA has been organizing rapid response collections for jail support as well as communities who are in need of food and resources. 

Chicago Freedom School

Continuing the tradition of Freedom Schools founded by SNCC in the 60s, CFS provides resources for Black youth to learn about and be empowered by Black history and organizing strageties.  They also engage in healing practices and leadership development.

CFS has been a shelter and food distribution center for protestor needs in Chicago. 

Good Kids Mad City

Good Kids Mad City is a youth-led, youth-driven group that focuses on providing space for Chicago's youth to address violence in their communities. 

They are now organizing food and PPE giveaways as well as assisting in community clean ups brought by rioting. 

Good People Collective

Founded by Rev. William Hall out of St. James Community Church, the Good People Collective seeks to distribute funds and resources to the Black community throughout Chicago. Rev. Hall saw an urgent need for funds to be raised after the stay-at-home order was issued, so he called some good-hearted people to come together and do good for the community.

Since then, the Good People Collective has paid for day wages of hourly workers at several businesses throughout Chicago, graduation gift cards for recent grads, and meal support throughout the city.