virtual Lobby Day 

On Nov. 12th, let's put our faith to action by telling our legislators that an equitable, clean energy future can't wait. 

Each year, environmental advocates from across Illinois come together to advocate for clean energy initiatives to lead our state towards a equitable, healthy future. This year, we are hosting our first ever virtual lobby day! During lobby day, environmental advocates have the opportunity to directly discuss with their lawmakers why the Clean Energy Jobs Act needs to be passed in 2020. Climate action in Illinois cannot wait.



In our first ever virtual lobby day, advocates will be paired with a staff who will providing briefing on talking points and tips for talking with your legislators as well as schedule your meeting. Meetings will be scheduled throughout the day. At noon, there will be a rally to hype up clean energy advocacy in our state!


Leading up to Lobby Day itself, we will have actions for you to participate in to share the importance of lobby day and put pressure on our legislators to pass equitable, clean energy legislation now! 


Meet with your lawmakers to talk with them about the importance of prioritizing the Clean Energy Jobs Act and meet other activists in your area...

...VIRTUALLY on Nov. 12th!


Tips for Talking for with your legislators

We know it can be intimidating to talk to your legislator, so we've included this video below to help you feel at ease before meeting with your legislator for Lobby Day!