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Vote and organize

Go Vote Flyers

This upcoming election marks a pivotal time for our country. 


2020 has been a year full of twists and turns.

We've lived through a pandemic, a national uprising demanding that Black Lives Matter, and national disasters impacting our climate.


It's clear we need to push for candidates who aren't afraid to fight for justice not only in Illinois but for our nation. That's why we've included a checklist to ensure you are ready to put your choice and vote to action this November. 

Our Voter Checklist:

Make Sure You're Registered to Vote!

Make sure that you're registered to vote at


From here, you can also get your mail-in ballot and set yourself up with reminders to vote. Remember, every time you move and change addresses, you must update your registration!


Check Out Our Voter Guide

As people of faith and conscience, it's necessary for us to use the power of our vote to advocate for candidates passionate about championing environmental and climate justice. 

Check out our voter guide to see which candidates committed to championing justice for Illinois on our 2020 General Election survey here.


Review IPL's Voter Reflection Guide

Faith in Public Life and Interfaith Power & Light worked together and are excited to release a voter reflection guide: Democracy, Values & the 2020 Election: A Reflection Guide for Faith Communities. Topics include: justice for immigrants, economic dignity, care for creation and climate change, racism and criminal justice reform, and more!


Reflection questions are included to help spark conversation in your faith communities and to help prime questions addressed to candidates running for office. Get the guide here.


how individuals leaving the prison system can vote 

In Illinois, felons can vote once they're released and after prison officials inform elected officials of restored rights. The individual then must register to vote. 

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