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Illinois - Chicago

Image by Brad Knight
Chicago Clean & Affordable Buildings Ordinance

By transitioning to clean energy in our buildings residents will save money, protect our health, and do our part to combat climate change. 

Chicago gas customers are already paying the highest energy prices in more than a decade, and Peoples Gas, after six consecutive years of record profits, is proposing a record-breaking rate hike. An NRDC study showed that fossil-free new construction can save Chicagoans between $15,000 - $20,000 over a 20-year period. 

Burning fossil fuels like methane gas in our homes produces dangerous air pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and fine particulate matter that increases risks of asthma in children. Gas stoves also pollute homes with benzene, which is linked to cancer, and occurs at higher rates in Chicago’s most vulnerable communities. 

Fossil fuel use in commercial and residential buildings accounts for more than two-thirds of Chicago’s climate emissions. 

Transitioning to clean, efficient homes and buildings will create thousands more good-paying union jobs. In NYC, a similar policy is projected to create a $20 billion market opportunity and has the potential to create more than 15,000 jobs by 2024. 

Tell your Alderperson and Mayor Brandon Johnson to support an equitable and affordable clean buildings ordinance by completing this form!

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