Champion CEJA for a Just Recovery in Illinois

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on families and businesses across Illinois. During this public health and economic crisis, we’ve seen the correlation between air pollution and severe COVID-19 outcomes through COVID-19 rates in environmental justice communities. We’ve seen small businesses struggle to gain funding to stay afloat as corporations are continually propped up through federal support. We’ve seen the federal government pursue EPA rollbacks for protections that are essential to keeping communities safe and healthy. Overall, the crisis has placed a spotlight on systemic inequities as well as the lack of preparation our federal government has in place for global threats.

We need to emerge from this crisis in pursuit of a bold recovery that ensures an equitable economy by placing the well-being of environmental justice communities at its core.

The Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA) puts Illinois on the road to a just recovery by boosting one of our fastest growing industries in Illinois, clean energy, by creating new, well-paying jobs in communities where they’re needed most, and put people back to work, especially in communities of color and places where coal-fired electricity plants operate.


Likewise, CEJA will improve public health by tackling the impacts of climate change and reducing air pollution that have weakened the respiratory health of communities on the front lines of this pandemic.


What You Can Do

Help pass the Clean Energy Jobs Act and spark our clean energy recovery by directly contacting your lawmakers!

Simply enter your information into the form, personalize the template message, and we’ll automatically send your message to your state legislators.

We’re working to get all 177 legislators to support this important bill, as well as thousands of Illinoisans like you from every part of the state!

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