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Candidate Endorsement Process


The Faith in Place Action Fund endorses candidates in Illinois who represent our values in their policy work, providing grassroots support during the election process.

Background on the Faith in Place Action Fund

Faith in Place Action Fund's mission is to empower people, clergy, and elected officials to make a positive difference for the Earth through political advocacy, legislative education, and grassroots lobbying.

We believe that climate disruption is among the greatest challenges that humanity has ever encountered and we are committed to the moral imperative of preserving and protecting the planet for generations to come. 


We advocate for policies that uplift environmental justice, water justice, food justice, climate justice, and economic justice at both the state and federal level. 


We support leaders who prioritize climate justice, hold accountable leaders that do not, and work toward policies that make voting easier for all citizens. 

How We Build Grassroots Power

Faith in Place Action Fund’s power comes from the people: dedicated individuals who believe in justice, which translates into dedicated supporters for candidates that stand up for these same issues.


Where We Work

The Faith in Place Action Fund Advisory Board is currently comprised of Green Team members/leaders from each region in IL: Northern IL, North and West Suburbs, Chicago, Central IL, Southern IL. Board members help Faith in Place Action Fund Board and Staff identify candidates to interview and endorse during campaigns. 


The Endorsement Process for Candidates

How To Seek Endorsement

Who Is Eligible

Candidates running in the general election for Illinois:

  1. Statewide office;

  2. State House and State Senate office; and

  3. Potentially in other local elections.

Submit Our Questionnaire

Eligible candidates are invited to submit our digital questionnaire based on our Policy Platform.

Green Team leaders and Policy Advisory Board Members will also be reaching out to candidates in their region to remind them to return the questionnaire before the submission deadline. 

How Endorsements are Determined

Next Steps After Questionnaire Submission

After the submission deadline, the Policy Advisory Board and Action Fund Board will meet to review the returned questionnaires and will extend interview offers at the board’s discretion.


Endorsement Considerations

The following considerations are used to guide decisions around endorsing individual candidates:

  • Policy stances being in alignment with our policy platform 

  • If applicable, a voting record on bills that advance policy platform issues

  • Demonstrated leadership and support for policy platform issues 

  • Viability of candidate 

  • Ability of the Faith in Place Action Fund to make an impact in the election of the candidate


We will weigh these considerations as we make decisions on which candidates we will endorse. 

What Endorsement Makes Candidates Eligible For

Endorsed candidates will be eligible for:


  • Funded and targeted Facebook ad campaign to share the endorsement with candidate’s voter base

  • Branded endorsement statements

  • Volunteer engagement with phone banking, canvassing, and/or hosting events


The level and type of support for endorsed candidates is determined by the ability of the Faith in Place Action Fund to make an impactful difference in the election.

Advisory Members

For Advisory Members

If you would like the Faith in Place Action Fund to help endorse IL candidates during the 2022 Election Cycle, please email Christian Krost. You can find a description of the process you will help facilitate below. 

Preparing for Seeking Endorsements

  • Give input on questionnaire and interview process and participate as available

Encourage Candidates to Complete Questionnaire

  • Encourage candidates from their region to participate in the endorsement process

Interview and Select Candidates for Endorsement

  • Participate in or facilitate candidate interviews and make a recommendation to the Action Fund Board and Advisory Board

Support Endorse Candidates

  • Help train and coordinate Green Team leaders or individuals in their region to phone bank, canvass, do social media, and plan events for endorsed candidates.

Time Commitment

  • During campaign season (July-November), Advisory Board members are expected to put in approximately 2-5 hours/week. 

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