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Climate Solutions Task force

The effects of climate change are felt throughout Indiana’s economy, communities, and infrastructure.  Senate Bill 335  asks for the establishment of a climate solutions task force that will make recommendations on how Indiana can reduce its greenhouse emissions, support the development of a clean energy economy, and protect Hoosiers from the effects of climate change. This legislation would also require the task force to issue a report to the General Assembly and governor by Nov. 1, 2024. 

Some solutions under review by the task force include: 

  • Funding for schools and local governments to help them purchase zero emission vehicles, invest in solar panels, and make energy efficiency improvements. 

  • Expanding regional mass transit 

  • Securing job training and transition assistance for workers affected by changes in the energy industry.

  • Carbon credit markets to incentivize carbon sequestration and conservation practices in agriculture and forestry.

  • Funding for a statewide climate action plan. 

We believe in an Indiana where our environment is protected and where sustainable industries are developed. This bipartisan climate task force legislation will allow our state government to work towards these goals.

Sign the petition below asking your state senator to support SB 335! 

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