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Climate Solutions Task force

The effects of climate change are felt throughout Indiana’s economy, communities, and infrastructure. A state-level climate solutions task force or commission would work to make recommendations on how Indiana can reduce its greenhouse emissions, support the development of a clean energy economy, and protect Hoosiers from the effects of climate change.

There are currently three related climate bills calling for these solutions.

  • SB 335 was introduced in the Senate.

  • HB 1604  and HB 1453 (which is identical to SB 335) were introduced in the House.


Each would bring legislators and stakeholders to the table to study innovative solutions the Indiana General Assembly can implement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to the effects of climate change, and simultaneously enhance economic development in communities across the state.

The Commission established by HB 1604 will meet until 2027 and submit yearly reports, proposing a greenhouse gas emission inventory and taking a comprehensive look at opportunities for mitigation, adaptation, and economic development.

The Taskforce established under SB 335 /HB 1543 will submit its findings on a set of more narrowly defined issues by the end of 2024.


​We believe in an Indiana where our environment is protected and where sustainable industries are developed. Passing these comprehensive bills to study and report on climate solutions will allow our state government to work towards these goals.

Sign the petition below asking your legislators to support the establishment of a climate solutions task force! 

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