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Anti-Environmental Bill HB1100

Under the executive branch, Indiana’s state agencies have experience in interpreting and enforcing Indiana’s laws. HB1100 would have significantly limited Indiana state agencies’ ability to adopt timely and appropriate state standards to protect public health and the environment, including water quality standards and stormwater pollution prevention plans.

While HB1100 was denied a vote in the Senate, language from the bill has now resurfaced and has been added to HB1211. Tell your legislators to “oppose including HB 1100/no more stringent than language in HB1211 by filling out the form below.

Updates about HB1100 and HB1211: 

  • On Tuesday, March 8th, there was an 11th-hour maneuver to include key portions of the very damaging HB 1100 language into the conference committee report for HB1211.

  • HB1211 did get passed (literally in the final hour of the 2022 Indiana General Assembly) 

  • HB1211 does include provisions that our coalition opposed in HB 1100.  Notably:

    • The requirement to update rules every 4 years rather than every 7 years.

    • The requirement that all emergency rules need to be vetted by the Attorney General


On Wednesday, March 9th, the Speaker of the House signed off on HB 1211. It now awaits signatures from the President Pro Tem of the Senate and the Lieutenant Governor (as President of the Senate) before it reaches the Governor. Once it reaches the Governor, the Governor has seven days to act -- to sign, veto, or do nothing (in which case it will become law).

Please tell Governor Holcomb to veto HB1211 by completing the form below.

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