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  • Lauren Paris

A Turning Point: Gov. Tony Evers Signs New Legislative Maps in Wisconsin

In a significant turn of events, Wisconsin Democratic Governor Tony Evers signed new legislative district maps into law on Monday, marking a pivotal moment in the state's political landscape. The move comes after 13 years of Republican dominance, where the democratic process often felt stifled, leaving many Wisconsinites underrepresented and their voices unheard.

The new maps delineate 45 Democratic districts, 46 Republican districts, and 8 toss-ups, reflecting a more balanced and equitable distribution of political power. This redistricting effort is the first step towards leveling the playing field in Wisconsin, where the legislature has been firmly under Republican control for over a decade.

One of the most notable disparities addressed by the redistricting is the discrepancy between the popular vote and legislative representation. Despite Wisconsin voters leaning Democratic by 54%, Republicans have consistently maintained a supermajority in the state house. This misalignment underscores the urgent need for reform and a fairer electoral system that truly reflects the people of Wisconsin.

For too long, the Republican stronghold on the democratic process has hindered progress and meaningful change. Despite Democrats winning 14 of the past 17 statewide elections, their ability to effect change at the legislative level has been severely limited. The signing of the new legislative maps represents a major political victory for Democrats in Wisconsin and signals a potential shift towards a more inclusive and representative government.

The implications of this redistricting extend far beyond political maneuvering. It has the potential to be a game-changer in climate legislation and bring Wisconsin closer to enacting bold initiatives like the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA) in Illinois, which the Faith in Place Action Fund helped to pass in 2021. By creating a more balanced political landscape, Wisconsin can pave the way for progressive policies that address pressing environmental issues. 

As an organization committed to environmental justice and equitable representation in policy, the Faith in Place Action Fund applauds the significance of this moment. We extend our gratitude to Gov. Evers for his leadership and commitment to a more equitable democracy—ensuring that all Wisconsinites have a voice in their government.

Moving forward, we remain vigilant and committed to advancing our legislative priorities in Wisconsin and beyond. The redistricting effort is just the beginning of a broader movement toward a more inclusive and participatory democracy. Together, we can build a more just future for all Wisconsinites, where every voice is heard, and every vote truly counts.

We also encourage you to take a moment to thank Gov. Evers for his action towards democracy and a more equitable voting process by completing this form

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