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Action of the Week 2/6/24

The Faith in Place Action Fund is excited to introduce the Action of the Week Campaign! Each week, our Policy Team is bringing you a quick 2-minute action that will make a BIG impact on our policy goals. ⁠

Visit this page each week to stay updated and take action. ⁠Be sure you're also signed up to recieve our Action of the Week emails here.

Your small actions add up to create a powerful force for a better future. Let's make a difference together!

Illinois Action

With EV sales increasing significantly and demand rising, the current allocation of $12 million for Illinois' EV Rebate Program falls short of meeting the needs of Illinois residents. It's imperative for lawmakers to allocate at least $50 million to the program in order to ensure broader accessibility and support the state's transition to cleaner transportation options.


Take two minutes today to urge your elected officials to secure increased funding for this crucial program by submitting this form. 

Indiana Action

Are you ready for Indiana's 2024 Renewable Energy Day (RED) on Feb. 13? Be sure to join the RED Training Webinar TONIGHT at 7 p.m. ET! During the training, our team will help equip you with the skills and confidence needed to engage with your representatives effectively. 


Take two minutes to register for this informative training today by completing this form.

Wisconsin Action

Staying informed about state-level legislative updates during Wisconsin's 2024 Legislative Session is crucial for understanding the evolving landscape of policies that affect our communities and planet. 


Our team has outlined the key bills shaping this session in our latest blog, reflecting our commitment to advocacy and awareness. Take a few minutes today to read our blog to stay informed and learn how you can take action!

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