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Wisconsin's 2024 Legislative Preview

In the wake of Governor Evers’ 2024 State of the State Address, the 2023-2024 Wisconsin Legislative Session continues to make headway, guided by the principles of unity and the collective good. We are at a juncture where we reflect on the past year’s milestones and obstacles, encouraged by the Governor’s vision for a future forged through cooperation and shared resolve.  

Governor Evers has highlighted our state’s unprecedented fiscal health, stating that Wisconsin has stood in its strongest fiscal position in 176 years. This beacon illuminates the path forward as we craft the Wisconsin of tomorrow. 

With crucial decisions on the horizon, staying informed about the legislative developments that could shape the state's future is essential. Here’s the key legislation our Policy Team is currently keeping an eye on this session:

A Commitment to Fair Governance and Community Health 

In Wisconsin, there is a profound expectation that our legislators will enact laws that reflect a unified vision and address the critical issues of fair representation and community health. In this context, key legislative proposals like Assembly Bill 796 take center stage. 


Wisconsin Assembly Bill 796 

AB 796, also known as the Environmental Justice and Community Protection Act, represents a significant step towards protecting vulnerable communities by incorporating environmental justice into the permitting process. 

The bill aims to introduce new requirements for permitting facilities in vulnerable communities, protecting these areas from environmental and health hazards. 

The Faith in Place Action Fund supports Assembly Bill 796. We stand with vulnerable communities and support measures that give them a voice in environmental decisions affecting their lives and well-being. 

In line with Governor Evers’ efforts toward environmental conservation and fiscal responsibility, this bill represents the administration’s multifaceted approach to equitable governance and community well-being. 

As we align with Governor Evers's call for unity and progress, these legislative measures are celebrated as beacons for Wisconsin's better, more equitable future. With substantial efforts, our state is on the brink of historic progress. 

Threats to Our Goal of Justice and Environmental Progress

Assembly Joint Resolution 6

AJR 6 threatens Wisconsin's ability to secure vital federal funds, including those earmarked for clean energy initiatives. These initiatives are crucial for building resilience against climate change and fostering a more equitable, clean economy.


Faith in Place Action Fund strongly opposes AJR 6 and urges state legislators to vote against it. Take two minutes today to ask your legislators to oppose the resolution and safeguard critical funding for Wisconsin communities by submitting this form. 


Assembly Joint Resolution 101:

This year, one priority for the Faith in Place Action Fund is encouraging people to vote in local and federal elections. 


To protect our health and the health of our planet, we must explore creative election reforms that support a broader and more productive exchange of ideas. AJR 101 works against this goal by proposing a constitutional amendment that would prohibit the use of ranked-choice voting.

The Faith in Place Action Fund strongly opposes AJR 101 and urges state legislators to vote against it. Prohibiting ranked-choice voting raises concerns about limiting voters' choices and potentially entrenching a two-party system, stifling the representation of diverse political viewpoints and preferences within the state's electoral process. Such a move could also undermine efforts to enhance democratic participation and ensure fair representation through voting methods.

Moving Forward Together 

Every Wisconsinite must remain engaged, informed, and proactive in the legislative process. Heeding Governor Evers's exhortation from his State of the State Address, we must “Get back to it, and let’s get to work.” 

Our collective action will ensure that the legislation passed during this session meets our present needs and forges a strong foundation for future generations.  

To stay informed on the movement of these bills and other legislative updates, be sure you are signed up to receive Action Alerts here. You can also keep an eye on the bills we’re watching throughout the 2024 session here.

For more information on Faith in Place Action Fund’s 2024 legislative priorities, please contact Alexander Malchow at

Thank you for your dedication to building a better Wisconsin! 

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