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Action of the Week 3/5/24


Illinois' environmental movement will be gathering at the State Capitol on Thursday, May 9 to push for the passage of key clean energy and transportation policies. You won't want to miss this impactful day of advocacy! This week is also Illinois' Soil Health Week! If you're located in or near Springfield, consider joining the 2024 Soil Health Lobby Day on Wednesday, March 6. 


Please take two minutes today to register for the 2024 Climate Action Lobby Day by completing this form!  


We are gearing up for the 2024 Indiana Primaries on May 7, and your voice matters now more than ever! It's crucial to exercise your right to vote and ensure you have an informed voting plan prepared before you hit the polls. 


Please take a moment to check your voter registration status here! As you prepare your plan to vote, take a moment to learn what offices are on the ballot and who the candidates are in each district here. Need support identifying the legislators in your district? Enter your address here to find out.


The Wisconsin Senate's approval of the Assembly's amendment to the Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Bill is crucial. This amendment empowers local governments to spearhead EV infrastructure initiatives without mandating private developer compliance.


Please take two-minutes to encourage the state senate to approve the Assembly's amendment to this bill by submitting this form. Your support is vital for advancing sustainable development and maintaining our state's competitive edge.

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