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Indiana’s 2024 Mid-Session Legislative Update!

Advocates pose for a photo inside the Indiana Statehouse at the 2024 Indiana Renewable Energy Day Event.

The dynamics are shifting as we reach the midpoint of Indiana’s 2024 legislative session. Despite our anticipation, none of the bills we’ve been monitoring this session have reached this midpoint; they were stymied, never receiving committee hearings. Among these bills was the Community Solar Bill (HB 1193), a priority piece of legislation for the Faith in Place Action Fund. 

Community solar involves shared solar facilities owned by independent entities, providing electricity to the local utility's grid. Subscribers, including homeowners, renters, businesses, schools, and more, receive credits on their electric bills, leading to potential savings of 5-20 percent.

This initiative is especially beneficial for those unable to install rooftop solar due to financial constraints, shaded roofs, or rental living situations. Notably, low-income communities stand to gain from federal tax credits and grants available for community solar projects in qualifying areas.

While HB 1193 was halted, this does not signal the end of our efforts toward community solar. Despite there no longer being an active community solar bill to support this session, Faith in Place, alongside our partners at Hoosiers for Community Solar, is focusing on the long view and laying the groundwork for Indiana’s 2025 legislative session. 

Many legislators remain unaware of community solar or only hear about it from utility companies. To garner more support next year, lawmakers must recognize the relevance of community solar to their constituents.

Our recent Renewable Energy Day on February 13, organized at the Indiana Statehouse with Solar United Neighbors, Earth Charter, and the Hoosier Environmental Council, aimed to raise awareness of community solar and its benefits. 

We had a record turnout, with Hoosiers from across the state joining to advocate for community solar legislation—highlighting its positive impacts on local communities, the environment, and Indiana's emerging green economy.

We invite you to join us in building momentum for a community solar bill in 2025. Here’s how you can take action:

  • Write to your legislators and engage your networks in conversations about community solar's potential. 

  • Consider arranging virtual or in-person meetings with legislators during the 2024 session or post-March 14 when they return to their districts. You can search for your elected officials and their contact information here

  • Explore our Bill Watch site for information and opportunities to take action.

  • Ensure you’re signed up to receive Action Alerts for updates and actionable opportunities.

Visit the Indiana General Assembly's website to connect with your legislators and learn more about their positions. Utilize available resources to engage meaningfully with policymakers and drive progress toward a brighter, more sustainable future for Indiana.

If you have questions regarding Indiana’s 2024 legislative session, please contact Indiana Policy Coordinator Christine Glaser at:

Together, let's continue advocating for community solar and shaping Indiana's energy landscape for the betterment of our communities, economy, and planet.

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