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A Podcast where we explore the intersection of spirituality, the envrionment, and justice

Faith in Place—our partner organization—started the Voices of the Earth podcast to uplift stories from our multifaith community that reflect the climate movement's incredible intersectionality and diversity. It's important to us to create space for people to share their stories of resilience. We are excited for this platform to serve as a space where we can have these important conversations.

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Fog and Nature


Fog and Nature

Meet Your Hosts

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Katie is passionate about the intersections of simple, sustainable living, intentional community, and spirituality. She graduated from St. Olaf College in 2017 with a degree in Environmental Studies (Social Science Emphasis) and German; and a Management Studies concentration. Following graduation, she managed Faith in Place's Winter Farmers Market program through Lutheran Volunteer Corps for one year prior to joining the Communications team.

Lauren recently graduated from DePaul University, earning a B.A. in both Journalism and Environmental Studies with a focus in sustainability. Her passion for environmental justice and environmental communications grew from her experience working as a freelance environmental journalist and writer—covering climate change and environmental justice issues in Chicago.

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