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November 2022 Illinois General Election
Faith in Place Action Fund Endorsements 

The Faith in Place Action Fund endorses candidates in Illinois who represent our values in their policy work and provide grassroots support during the election process.

See the Faith in Place Action Fund Climate Champions and their races below.

Endorsed candidates responded favorably to our candidate questionnaire based on our Policy Platform, which were reviewed by our volunteer Advisory Board and Governing Board members. Many of the endorsed candidates were interviewed by our Staff and Advisory Board members. Read more details about our candidate endorsement process here.  

Illinois State Senate Endorsements

IL State Senate
Candidate Name
Rachel Ventura
IL Senate District 43
Rep. Mary Edly-Allen
IL Senate District 31
Rep. Michael Halpin
IL Senate District 36
Sen. Robert Peters
IL Senate District 13

Illinois State House of Representatives Endorsements

House of Reps
Candidate Name
Rep. Debbie Meyers-Martin
IL House District 38
Rep. Maurice West
IL House District 67
Laura Faver Dias
IL House District 62
Mary Beth Canty
IL House District 54
Rep. Mark Walker
IL House District 53
Nabeela Syed
IL House District 51
Rep. Camille Lilly
IL House District 78
Rep. Joyce Mason
IL House District 61
Rep. Bob Morgan
IL House District 58
Rep. Kam Buckner
IL House District 26
Rep. Robyn Gabel
IL House District 18
Rep. La Shawn Ford
IL House District 8
Rep. Sonya Harper
IL House District 6
Rep. Ann Williams
IL House District 11

Illinois Statewide Endorsements

Candidate Name
Statewide Race
Treas. Michael Frerichs
Illinois Treasurer

Faith in Place Action Fund Voter Guide

In addition to our endorsed list of candidates, each of the candidates listed below indicated support for every one of our Policy Platform priorities: Environmental Health, Climate Change, Clean Water, Economic Justice, Food Access, and Voting Rights. 

Candidate Name
IL District
Sen. Sara Feigenholtz
IL Senate District 6
Rep. LaToya Greenwood
IL House District 114
Rep. Anthony DeLuca
IL House District 80
Gregg Johnson
IL House District 72
Rep. Nick Smith
IL House District 34
Rep. Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz
IL House District 17
Rep. Margaret Croke
IL House District 12
Sen. Christopher Belt
IL Senate District 46
Sen. Dave Koehler
IL Senate District 46
Sen. Elgie Sims, Jr.
IL Senate District 17
Sen. Laura Fine
IL Senate District 9
Sen. Patricia Van Pelt
IL Senate District 5
Sen. Mattie Hunter
IL Senate District 3
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