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A Just and Equitable Farm Bill is Possible

In November 2023, Congress voted to extend the current Farm Bill, initially passed in 2018, for one more year—through September 30, 2024. This extension was made to ensure there are no gaps in funding for programs that support farmers, ranchers and conservation efforts across the country.


With the current Farm Bill is expiring this fall, however, we have another chance to advocate for a new Farm Bill that truly supports and uplifts all Americans. This goal can be reached by providing the tools necessary to create and maintain a just and clean energy transition and promoting climate-smart agricultural practices. 


The 2024 Farm Bill is a unique opportunity to implement and further support policies, practices, and funding levels that will help create and nurture a more sustainable future. As people of faith and justice, we want to see a Farm Bill that’s structured around increasing equity and justice among those who produce food and agricultural goods while improving the lives of people in rural communities. 


Help us ensure that the 2024 Farm Bill will come with all the tools necessary to establish, maintain, and nurture a clean and just future for all by taking action and sending messages to your elected officials serving on the House and Senate Committees of Agriculture today!


Send a message to your elected officials to ask for a fair and equitable 2024 Farm Bill by filling out the form below!

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