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The Faith Community Cannot Be Silent: Statement on Police Brutality, Systemic Racism, and Injustice

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Faith in Place Action Fund stands in solidarity with those protesting the systemic racism embodied in acts of police brutality and murder. We condemn the ways our nation continues to perpetuate white supremacy. We reject a system that blatantly disregards black lives and perpetuates violence.

Faith in Place Action Fund’s board, staff, and faith partners recognize the systemic effects of centuries of racism and commit even further to advancing environmental justice through our programs and advocacy. We pledge to continue to oppose racism and champion justice against the normalcy of white supremacy by examination of our systems and ourselves.

Since black communities are affected by environmental justice issues at disproportionate rates, we must all step up our efforts. Justice means safe, healthy neighborhoods where African Americans can live without fear of being sickened, harassed, beaten, or killed. Our commitment to advancing environmental justice starts with shared dialogue and continues with enacting anti-racist policies and practices in all our work.

We invite you to join our lament and protest. Together, let us pray and act for a new reality embodying the justice, compassion, wisdom, and strength our many faiths teach us.


Faith in Place Action Fund

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