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Statement on the Biden Administration

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Faith in Place Action Fund is encouraged by President Biden’s system-wide approach to building healthier communities in the United States and beyond by taking meaningful action on climate change. Rejoining the Paris Agreement and ending new oil and gas production on public lands will protect our shared land, air, and water for years to come.

The restoration of science and focus on equity and justice are exactly what is needed as we forge a future following Covid-19. This will move our country towards a just transition away from fossil fuels and ensure communities are more prepared and resilient to climate change.

We know this is just the beginning. It will take cooperation from everyone to make a clean energy economy a reality. We are ready to lead as we, people of faith, are called to care for our neighbor and fight for justice.

Join us as we work for environmental justice in this new administration. Take action by signing up for action alerts and donating today.



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