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US Capitol Riot Response Statement

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Today our staff paused our work to gather on video. We expressed and prayed together as we are deeply sad and disturbed at the events unfolding today at the US Capitol. The double standard seen in the response of the law enforcement today evidences the racism and white supremacy in our nation.

As people of faith and conscience, we were especially disturbed to see violent actions today taken in Jesus’ name. May we as a country open our eyes to the twisting of Jesus' commitment to justice and call to love our neighbor as ourselves.

“Mom, they would have shot us if we had even attempted this,” said the son of one of our Black staffers today.

As we feel anger at the double standard and concern for the coming days as our administration transitions, we are committed to voicing truth to power and fighting for justice in the face of blatant racism. As the Biden administration takes office on the 20th, we are committed to not only advancing racial and climate justice but also to the long, hard, and essential road to healing our fragmented country.

-The Faith in Place Action Fund Team

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