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Action of the Week: 2/27/24

The Faith in Place Action Fund is excited to introduce the Action of the Week Campaign! Each week, our Policy Team is bringing you a quick 2-minute action that will make a BIG impact on our policy goals. ⁠

Visit this page each week to stay updated and take action. ⁠Be sure you're also signed up to recieve our Action of the Week emails here.

Your small actions add up to create a powerful force for a better future. Let's make a difference together!


Illinois' environmental movement will be gathering at the State Capitol on Thursday, May 9 to meet with legislators and push for the passage of key clean energy and transportation policies. We invite you to join us for this impactful day of advocacy!


Take two minutes today to register for the 2024 Climate Action Lobby Day by completing this form!


Indiana's legislative session is moving right along! Stay informed about the latest developments by reading our blog here. We're also gearing up for the 2024 Indiana Primaries on May 7, and your voice matters now more than ever. It's crucial to exercise your right to vote and ensure your voice is heard in shaping our state's future. 


Please take a moment to check your voter registration status here and make sure you're registered to vote! If any changes are needed due to a recent move or name change, please update your registration promptly. Remember, the voter registration deadline is April 8, 2024.


On Monday, Feb.19, Governor Tony Evers took a crucial step by signing a new legislative map into law. These updated districts begin to address the historical erasure marginalized communities have faced during elections and reflect a more equitable and just representation of Wisconsin's communities. Read more about this development in our lastest blog


Please take two-minutes to express your gratitude to Gov. Evers for his commitment to democracy and his support for a more equitable voting process by using this form to send your thanks.

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